Dreaming Of A Green Christmas?

Swap ’till you drop with bonus kudos this month

Earn bonus 50 kudos

Boost your

We want everyone to have a fun and green Christmas, that’s why we are offering BONUS KUDOS when you upload your festive items in December. 


You can earn up to 50 bonus points, just for posting on swap-studio this month!


Did you know that waste increases during the holidays by 25-30% and excess paper, gifts, and trees are the biggest problem. 


The more items we share, the less we buy new – and that’s great for the planet!

kudos this month just by participating in our December offer

How does it work?

Check your cupboards for any Festive Season items you have been collecting for that rainy day…



Think glitter, sparkles, ornaments, platters, gloves, hats, gifts, toys, games, last year’s gifts, kitchen gadgets and Christmas market nic nacs…



You will earn 5 KUDOS for every item you post to our Christmas Collection category (maximum 50 points). 


That’s it!



Listing period ends on the 24th December.

Show you care

By choosing sustainable Christmas Gifts, thinking about your wrapping, buying sustainable and choosing to reuse.


And don’t forget our Guilt Free Gift Vouchers are a great sustainable gift for friends or relatives.


Show you care about your family, neighbours, colleagues AND the  environment this year. 


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