Swap Coaches

Are you are passionate about reuse and want to help others in your community to become active swappers?

Grow your local community

Are you are a passionate about reuse and want to see participation in your local community grow? Do you love swap-studio, product photography, merchandising and generally being active on social media?


Then become a Swap Coach today! By helping collect, photograph and manage inventory on behalf of other members you’ll be doing something great for the planet by keeping pre-loved items in circulation for longer. In return, you’ll earn part of the kudos for each item swapped and we’ll also pay you a monthly fee.


Want to learn more about our Swap Coach program and how you can participate?


Curious to learn more?

Are you interested in becoming a Swap Coach and giving back to the planet? We only have a few spaces available. If you are interested we would love to hear from you.



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