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Want to elevate your brand and lead the way to conscious and circular use of your products?

Build brand equity & drive sales

Show that you care about the entire lifecycle of your products and you will build trust with our members.


When they buy new, they will choose you.

We invite you

To expand your sustainability strategy and lower your customer acquisition costs in a market where conscious consumers are on the rise.


Find a market for your dead stock, excess stock or not-so-perfect pieces within our exclusive community, where members value well made products and ethical brands. By aligning with us, you get a more sustainable and cost effective return on your marketing investment, without devaluing your brand.




We give you

  • Tailored exposure with a dedicated corporate profile page on our website detailing your brand and its commitment to the environment.

  • Your overstock professionally photographed and your inventory managed on our platform.
  • Product features that deep-link to the current collections on your own online store.
  • Increased foot traffic to your in-person stores.
  • Regular exposure via our social media channels.
  • Access to our exclusive member-only events.
  • Ability to run your own branded events to our audience of like minded members
  • A quarterly kudos give certificate that you can share with your employees or customers.

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Ready to make your brand more circular?

Together we can build a better future – one swap at a time. Find out more about our program and participation rates.

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Ready to make your brand more circular?

We would love to hear your sustainability ambitions and help you lead the way to a more circular industry – one swap at a time. Download our partnership rates below and if you have any questions feel free to email us: